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Hillforts, Henges and Stone Circles

East Somerset
West Somerset

Paleolithic: Old Stone Age, before 8000BC
Mesolithic: Middle Stone Age, 8000BC to 4500BC
Neolithic: New Stone Age, 4500BC to 2200BC
Bronze Age: 2200BC to 700BC
Iron Age: 700BC to 43AD
Roman: 43AD to 410AD
Post Roman: 410AD to 1000AD
Medieval: from 1000AD

Somerset has a wealth of ancient monuments to explore...

The magical Glastonbury Tor

Read about the ancient Sweet Track at Shapwick on the Somerset Levels or the great henge at Stanton Drew - second only to Avebury in terms of size.

In Somerset there seem to be two main areas of interest - the ancient sites of Exmoor in the west and a second area stretching from the Somerset Levels to Stanton Drew, near Bristol in the east of the county.

The main concentrations of ancient monuments are found on higher ground. Apart from the magical Isle of Avalon surrounding Glastonbury they are usually overlooked by the casual visitor or tourist. Under further examination however, they offer a window on the past, their very seclusion making the hill forts, stone circles and standing stones and settlements a place to relax and reflect on their purpose and the choice of their location.

Are they astronomical tools, to mark the changing of the seasons, or part of a 'ritual landscape' honouring their ancestors or, are they something else entirely? The ancient sites are found throughout the county. Click on your region above and explore one near you...