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Megaliths, Mênhirs and Stone Circles of West Somerset

Almsworthy Stone Circle

Neolithic Stone Circle, Exford

Grid reference SS843417


Map showing Almsworthy Stone Circle

Almsworthy Stone Circle is an ancient stone circle on Almsworthy Common to the east of Simonsbath, Exmoor. Not in the best state of preservation, only 13 stones remain erect, with several others lying prone. The stones range in height from a mere 15 cm tall to 60cm, and are typically spaced about 10 metres apart. Alderman's Round Barrow lies about half a mile away to the northwest.

Athelney Hillfort

Bronze Age Hill Fort, Bridgwater

Grid reference ST347289


Map showing Athelney Hillfort

Athelney is the lowest known Hillfort in Britain. There are traces of Bronze Age as well as Iron Age occupation here. Otherwise known as the Isle of Athelney, it is best known for being the place where King Alfred the Great made his defence of Wessex against the Danes in 878 AD. If you believe the legend taught at childhood, it is also the place where he 'burned the cakes'.

Cow Castle

Iron Age Hill Fort, Simonsbath

Grid reference SS795374


Map showing Cow Castle

Situated on the footpath between Simonsbath and Landacre Bridge in the west of Exmoor, Cow Castle is a small Iron Age hill fort on top of a rocky outcrop in the River Barle valley. The hill is nothing special and although it is dwarfed by the surrounding moors it does command the low ground immediately around it. A pleasant rather than outstanding site.

Culbone Hill Stone Row

Neolithic Stone Row, Porlock

Grid reference SS832473


Map showing Culbone Hill Stone Row

Culbone Hill Stone Row is a 365 metre long stone row aligned east to west located in private woodland near Porlock. There are about 13 of the original stones remaining, none taller than one metre high.

Elsworthy Standing Stone

Neolithic Menhir, Lynton

Grid reference SS820411


Map showing Elsworthy Standing Stone

Elsworthy Standing Stone is a gritstone pillar standing 1.5 metres high. It is 0.6 metres wide by 0.4 metres thick, and tapers slightly at the top. The stone has recently fallen, knocked over by over zealous cattle who regularly use it as a rubbing post. It has now been re-erected with a cement base.

Hangley Cleave Round Barrow

Bronze Age Barrow, Radworthy

Grid reference SS746362


Map showing Hangley Cleave Round Barrow

Otherwise known as Two Barrows, these Round Barrows lie just to the northeast of Fyldon Common on the western flanks of Exmoor just inside the Somerset border with Devon. The closest settlements are Radworthy and Simonsbath.

Hoccombe Hill

Neolithic Stone Row, Lynton

Grid reference SS77074368


Map showing Hoccombe Hill

Hoccombe Hill Stone Row is a double Stone Row northeast of Brendon Two Gates, on the southern facing slopes above Hoccombe Water on Brendon Common, Exmoor. The site consists of three large stones remaining erect along with one stone lying prone. The stones stand about a metre tall and are set in a zig-zag pattern.

Langridge Wood Cist

Bronze Age Quoit, Williton

Grid reference ST01403740


Map showing Langridge Wood Cist

Langridge Wood Cist is situated alongside the Coleridge Way just to the northwest of Treborough Lodge Farm, on Exmoor. One of two remaining Bronze Age Cists found on Exmoor, five others having been all but destroyed. The cist is lined with slate slabs, partially covered by a 1.5 metre square-shaped capstone. The site was excavated in the early nineteenth century uncovering a skeleton.

Langridge Wood Cist

Bronze Age Quoit, Williton

Grid reference ST01403740


Map showing Langridge Wood Cist

This Bronze Age cist is one of only seven to have been documented on Exmoor, only two of which survive. It is lined with slate slabs, and a large 1.5 metre square capstone still partially covers its top. The mound that would have surrounded it, was dug into in 1820 for road stone. When the cist was disturbed a skeleton was found inside and this was reinterred in the churchyard at nearby Treborough.

Porlock Stone Circle

Neolithic Stone Circle, Porlock

Grid reference SS84514467


Map showing Porlock Stone Circle

Porlock Stone Circle lies near Porlock on Exmoor. It is situated behind a hedge to the west of the minor road from the A39 to Exford, not far south from the Whit Stones. The circle is in a reasonable state with its remaining 20 stones very spread out. The stones are between 15cm and 0.8 metres tall. A fallen stone to the east side is 1.8 metres long.

Wambarrows Round Barrows

Bronze Age Barrow Cemetery, Dulverton

Grid reference SS876343


Map showing Wambarrows Round Barrows

Wambarrows Round Barrows are situated on top of Winsford Hill, lying between Withypool and Tarr Steps. The three large barrows lie in a line from east to west. The westernmost barrow, is the largest with a diameter of just under 30 metres. The two other barrows, both with diameters of 20 metres, lie nearer to the summit and are easier to make out. Unfortunately their centres have been robbed out. The barrows stand roughly 2.5 metres high. Two other poorly defined barrows lie nearby.

Withypool Stone Circle

Neolithic Stone Circle, Dulverton

Grid reference SS83833432


Map showing Withypool Stone Circle

Withypool Stone Circle lies near the summit of Withypool Hill on Exmoor. The stones are not all that striking in height, the tallest standing less than 0.5 metres tall. About 40 stones remain, located about a metre apart in a circle of 40 metres diameter. This implies that the original circle had close to 100 stones.

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