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Outdoor Gear: Camping 2011 - Cooking

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Camping 2011 - Cooking

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Camping 2011 - Cooking including:

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Self Heating Breakfast

Self Heating Breakfast


HeaterMeals self heater meals go anywhere, require no refrigeration & heat themselves, in the packet. Patented heating technology and traditional home-style cooking ensure a nutritious and delicious meal, right where you're standing, be it in a field, on a boat or on top of a mountain! Simply put heater meals are meals that heat themselves! The patented self-heating technology was introduced for use by the U.S. Armed Forces in 1990 to heat meals for soldiers in the field. They were so successful and popular with troops they were adapted and made available throughout the world for use by the public. Since then this unique, patented, food heating system has heated over 800 million meals. When the sachet of salt water (included in the pack) is poured onto the heating pad, it generates heat inside the HeaterMeals pack, and your meal becomes piping hot in minutes. When finished, the whole pack is environmentally friendly enough to be simply thrown away or recycled. As it stays warm for up to 45 minutes it can be used as a hand or body warmer - you can even sit on it!

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