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Tourist Information

The nearest source of local information is available from Bath Tourist Information Centre.

Bath is a city in northeast Somerset with a current population of about 84,000. The city has a wealth of attractions and is one of the main visitor attractions in the whole southwest.

Bath as a settlement dates from antiquity. There have been Mesolithic (Stone Age) archaeolgical remains found nearby and was a centre for the Iron Age Britons who were drawn to the area by its geothermal springs, dedicating the spring to their goddess Sulis. Some centuries later, in the time of the Roman occupation, the settlement was known as Aquae Sulis - which translates to 'the waters of Sulis'. Bath was granted city status by Queen Elizabeth I in 1590 and grew again as an important spa town in Georgian times. The City of Bath was declared a World Heritage Site in 1987.

Today, the city is a blend of several architectural styles and is an important tourist centre. Each year over 1 million visitors stay in Bath, whilst close to 4 million people just come to visit for the day.

Events near Bath

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B and Bs

B & Bs

Badminton Villa, Bath (1 km)

One Three Nine, Bath (1 km)

Lavender House (2 km)

Hawkins of Bath (2 km)

55a North Road B&B (3 km)

Athole Guest House, Bath (1 km)

The Kennard (0 km)

Dorian House (1 km)

Marlborough House (1 km)

Cranleigh (3 km)

Highways House (1 km)

Bath Paradise House (1 km)

Amberley House Self-catering Holiday Let (1 km)

Roban House (1 km)

Bloomfield House (2 km)

Queen Charlottes Orangery (1 km)

Bay Tree House (1 km)

The Windsor City Centre (0 km)

Crescent Guesthouse (1 km)

Manor House Bath (4 km)

Greenways (1 km)

Parade Park (0 km)

Brooks Guesthouse Bath City Centre (1 km)

Ashley Villa (2 km)

The Bath House Luxury BB (1 km)

Weston Lawn (2 km)

Bodhi House (2 km)

Apsley House Hotel (3 km)

Aquae Sulis (3 km)

Lindisfarne Guest House (3 km)

Garston Cottage (5 km)

Chestnuts House (0 km)

The Ayrlington (1 km)

Lamppost Villa (1 km)

The Firs (2 km)

Brunswick Cottage (3 km)

Abbey Rectory Bed Breakfast (2 km)

At Waterhouse Restaurant with Rooms (2 km)

Brocks Guest House (0 km)

Edgar Townhouse (0 km)

Marisha's Guest House (2 km)

Braemar Guest House (2 km)

2 Crescent Gardens Guest House (1 km)

Cottage holidays


Laura's Townhouse Apartments, Bath (1 km)

SACO Bath - St James Parade, Bath (1 km)

Waterfront House, Bath (1 km)

Bath Star Apartments, Bath (0 km)

Montreux House Apartments, Bath (1 km)

The Bath House Apartments, Bath (1 km)

Number 17, Bath (1 km)

Weston Lodge, Bath (3 km)

The Garden Studio, Bath (1 km)

Brooks' View Cottage, Bath (4 km)

The Georgian House, Bath (0 km)

The Old Smithy Loft, Bath (1 km)

Bath Boutique Stays, Bath (0 km)

Number Six - Self Catering House, Bath (2 km)

Hay Barn (unit 3), Bath (3 km)

Sheep Shed, Bath (3 km)

Cart Shed (unit 5), Bath (3 km)

Eighteen, Bath (1 km)

Weston Lodge, Bath (3 km)

Esterelle, Bath (0 km)

Forty Six, Bath (2 km)

Brooklyn Cottage, Bath (2 km)

Garden Villa, Bath (1 km)

The Stables, Bath (5 km)

Eastwood Lodge, Bath (2 km)

The Grange Apt, Bath (2 km)

Rose Cottage, Bath (3 km)

Ranch House Cottage, Bath (2 km)

Riverside Apartment, Bath (0 km)

Local hotels

Local hotels

The Bath Priory Hotel (2 km)

Dukes Hotel (0 km)

M Gallery Francis Hotel, Bath (1 km)

Tasburgh House, Bath (2 km)

Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel (1 km)

Pratts Hotel - a Forestdale Hotel (1 km)

The Queensberry Hotel (0 km)

The Royal Crescent and The Bath House Relais Châteaux (1 km)

Bailbrook House (2 km)

The Royal Hotel (1 km)

HARINGTONS HOTEL (City Centre) (0 km)

Wentworth House Hotel (2 km)

University of Bath - East Accommodation (2 km)

The Old Mill Hotel (3 km)

The Griffin Inn (1 km)

Milsoms Hotel (0 km)

Francis Hotel Bath - MGallery Collection (1 km)

University of Bath - West Accommodation (2 km)

The Lansdown Grove Hotel (1 km)

The Bath Priory Hotel (2 km)

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The SouthGate Centre (1 km)

Thermae Bath Spa (1 km)

Weekday AM Champagne Balloon flight - Nationwide (0 km)

Champagne Balloon Flight - nationwide (0 km)

Champagne balloon flight for TWO at 60+ locations (0 km)

South West Champagne Hot Air Balloon Flight (0 km)

Helicopter Pleasure Flight - Bath (5 km)

Somerset heritage

Somerset heritage

Farleigh Hungerford Castle (9 km)

Bath Abbey (1 km)

Georgian Bath (1 km)

The Roman Baths (1 km)

The Jane Austen Centre (0 km)

Victoria Art Gallery (0 km)



Bath Fashion Museum (0 km)

American Museum in Britain (3 km)

Bath Postal Museum (0 km)

Herschel Museum of Astronomy (1 km)



Theatre Royal, Bath (1 km)

Eating Out

Somerset Bistros


Bistro La Barrique (1 km)

Somerset Restaurants


Lime Lounge (0 km)

Cafe Du Globe Restaurant (1 km)

Casanis (0 km)

Green Park Brasserie (1 km)

Bath Priory Hotel (2 km)

Ask, Bath (0 km)

Nando's, Bath (1 km)

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